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GN Solids America has recently sold out four sets of shale shaker and two sets of mud conditioner. We equipped US made famous brand vibration motor on the beam of shale shaker and adjust the powerful G force to suit our shaker configuration. The unique design of shale shaker and mud conditioner has set precedence for others to meet. We offer the most effective way to dry solids into a discharge site. Even in the fierce competition US market, GN Solids American is still very active in the solids control a

GN Solids Control is working on the waste management for many years to. Decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer combination effectively recovery the drilling fluids and reduce footprint on the environment.  If you want to see the Working Performance of GN Drilling Cuttings Management System, please check following videos: Video:GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for water based mud drilling waste Management Video:GN 2nd Generation OBM Cuttings Vertical Dryer Factory Testing  Configuration of

GN just delivered 500 GPM mud recycling system to China largest horizontal directional drilling contractor China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP). CPP has kept placing order to GN for HDD mud system many years. Almost 30 units since their first order. GN 500 GPM mud recycling system is a very popular model and and so far has been sent to Australia, Singapore, Russia, Middle East, India, Indonesia etc for the project for HDD, CBM. The basic configuration of GN 500GPM would be 1 unit 3 panels

After the client’s inspection, three sets of GN Three (3) Sets Hi-G Dryer(Shaker) and Five(5) Sets Screw Conveyor(Auger) will be delivered to customer’s working site. Hi-G Shaker typically is used for the remove the solids from the water based mud (WBM). Auger will collect the particle from the shaker and transfer solids to the truck site for further commercial purpose. Hi-G Shaker Martin brand vibration motor is able to reach 8.0 high G-Force and long time service. Stainless and heat treatment s

Customer from Canada placed order to GN Solids America for 4 units poor boy degasser used on their drilling site for small rig. More and more North America customer came to GN Solids Control after the establishing of branch company in Houston. When the customer come to GN inquiring the poor boy degasser, they said they would like the samllest model for their rig. GN did have the proper model and already provide to other customer before, perfect technical solution and prompt delivery time guaranteed thi

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