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1500 GPM Drilling Mud Recycling System
GN Solids Control has manufactured various customized mud treating systems for global customers, GN mud treating systems are classified by treating volume, such as 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM. Some larger mud treating systems can be offered based on customers’ demands.  As more and more non dig drilling or horizontal directional drilling companies are demand to treat the drilling slurry, using mud treating system is more and more popular. Generally speaking, GN mud treating or slurry treating s

GN Solids Control has manufactured thousands of shale shakers to global customers, according to the latest survey, GN shale shakers have been serviced in 74 countries and regions. As a leading manufacturer, GN Solids Control always devoted to provide the most cost-effective products to global customers.  Russia is one pretty important market for GN Solids Control. Since the cooperation with our Russia partner, GN Solids Control has provided more and more solids control and waste management equipment in

GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing various mud treating and recycling systems for many years. As a leading separation equipment provider, GN Solids Control is especially good at providing customized mud systems. Several days before, GN Solids Control has finished the manufacturing of one dewatering system for hydro wastes.  As we all know, GN Solids Control manufacture the following equipment, like shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner and centrifuge etc. By using different trea

Are you looking for the best shaker screens? Are you trying to cut cost on the shaker screens invest? Are you tired of need to wait shaker screens to be manufactured for a long while? Then you must come to GN Solids America LLC.  GN Solids America LLC is the branch company of Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. In 2013, GN Solids Control built one warehouse in Houston, TX. Now GN Houston warehouse has over 3000 pieces shaker screens in stock.  As one of the top leading shaker screens manufacturer, GN So

GN Solids Control just finished the manufacturing of one whole set mining slurry treatment system for one Vietnam customer. As the leading manufacturer on solids control equipment and waste management treating systems, GN Solids Control has provided products to over 70 countries.  In the mining area, some customers use high pressure water to wash ores, due to those finer particles are also very expensive, they also need to recycle small particles. This GN mining slurry treating system is used to recycle

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