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GN Oil Sludge Treating Systems are widely used in many drilling rig sites to treat waste sludge or slope. Today we would like to give a short introduction:
First add water to dilute the dry sludge so the vacuum pump can suck them from the mud pit.

Turn on the vacuum pump, provide compressed air so the vacuum pump can work. Sludge is treated in #1 premixing and heating tank, where it is diluted, mixed and heated and then feed into #2 V tank by submersible pump. After mixed by the bottom screw conveyor of the #2 V tank, most of the oil is floated on the top and transferred by diaphragm pump to #5 unit’s #2 oil surge tank, the rest small portion oil if pumped by a centrifugal pump with the other solids into the #3 shaker to have the first phase separating: large particles are separated out, rest slurry is pumped into #1 centrifuge by #1 screw pump for second phase separating: Solids after treated by #1 centrifuge falls to the centrifuge tank and are diluted again; liquid overflow to #2 GN decanter centrifuge tank of #4 centrifuge and disc-centrifuge.

Slurry in #1 centrifuge tank is pumped by #2 screw pump into #2 centrifuge: solids fall into cuttings box, liquid falls into #2 GN centrifuge tank and then feed into #1 disc-centrifuge by an inline pump to finish 3 phase separating: oil , water and solids. Oil goes to #5 unit’s #1 oil surge tank; water goes to #5’s #1 water surge tank; solids discharge to outside. #5’s #2 oil surge tank materials are pumped into #2 disc-centrifuge by inline pump for 3 phase separating; oil falls into #1 oil surge tank; water goes to #1 water surge tank; water goes into #1 water surge tank; solids discharge to the outside. Slurry in #5’s #1 water surge tank is pumped into #6 Gravity oil/water separator by inline pump again: oil goes to #3 oil surge tank of #6, water goes to #2 water surge tank of #6 and is further treated by #7 micro bubble treating unit by inline pump: water goes to #7’s water tank and provide clean & reused water for this whole system; clean oil stocks in #3 oil surge tank of #6.

An GN oil pump is fixed near #3 oil surge tank, if the #2 water tank’s water not clean enough, the oil pump can be used to pump it back to #2 oil surge tank so it can be further treated by #2 disc-centrifuge until reach to the targeted demands. Meanwhile, clean water pipes, heating pipes and chemical pipes can add water, provide heat and add chemicals separately.

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