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GN Solids Control has been provided thousands of solids and liquid separation treating equipment to global customers. GN Solids Control treating equipment includes shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner as well as varieties of shaker screens. GN Solids Control waste management treating equipment includes decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer.
Besides those above solids and liquid treating equipment, GN Solids Control also provides many auxiliary treating unit that can be used together with GN Solids Control treating equipment or treating systems. Today we would like to share some GN Polymer Adding Unit with you.
GN Polymer Adding Unit is used to equip with GN decanter centrifuge. As centrifuge is mainly used to separate out solids larger than 2~5 microns, finer solids cannot be separated out by using mechanical separating method. However, if we can add polymer before feeding into decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control Centrifuge will be able to eliminate those finer solids less than5 microns.

GN Polymer Adding Unit is mainly including the following components:
1. GN Automatic Dry Powder Mixing and Feeding Device
Powder can be added into the hopper first. There is one small screw conveyor in the bottom of the mixing hopper which can be controlled to feed different flow chemicals into the mixing compartment.
2. Mixing Compartment
There are 3 set mud agitator (0.37kw) fixed on the top of mixing compartment, polymer dissolving compartment and polymer storage compartment. Mud agitator keeps the polymer mixed in the 3 different compartments.
3. Polymer Dissolving Compartment
Mixed polymer overflows to polymer dissolving compartment. And dissolved polymer overflows to polymer storage compartment.

4. Polymer Storage Compartment
Two feeding dosing pumps (includes 1 backup pump) is used to feed the polymer into decanter centrifuge.
5. Control Panel
All the con/off of the pumps and motors are controlled by one control panel. A liquid level meter is also equipped to monitor the three compartment’ s liquid level.

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