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It is often heard that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. As a leading solids control and waste treatment manufacturer, GN Solids Control always pays great attention of the colorful life of GN employees. After the hard work of CIPPE, GN Solids Control bought the travel tickets of the part of the sales team. Over 20 employees (includes the international department and the domestic department) were delivered to Thailand and had fun for one whole week.

Thailand is one of the largest markets for GN Solids Control. As the leading manufacturer, GN Solids Control has been providing various separation equipment to global customers. Now it’s spring in China, it’s still a little bit cold. On the contrary, Thailand is pretty hot. The minute we got off the airplane, we changed the summer clothes immediately.

GN Solids employees had great fun last week in Thailand. Although some colleagues came to Thailand before, it’s always a good chance to enjoy the great scenery one more time. Thailand is a fantastic country: fresh air, clean lake, green trees and colorful flowers.  

We stayed in Shangri-La during our stay in Bangkok. They offered delicious buffet with western food and Chinese food. There were two swimming pools in that hotel, some of our colleagues learned to swim and had great fun. We went to the Big King Palace and took a tour; there are some ancient statues and buildings as well as attractive paintings. We learned part of the history of Thailand, which is a different culture also interesting us a lot. 

We also went to Pattaya, a sleepless city with colorful night living. Our colleagues also had great fun by the sea. It’s always a great pleasure to enjoy the sunshine. One important thing we must to mention is Thailand is the SPA and Massage. 


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