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GN Solids Control has been designing and providing thousands of solids control and waste management systems for global customers. These days, GN Solids Control workers have been busy manufacturing one set of soil remediation system for one USA customers. 

As the top manufacturer on solids and liquid separation, GN Solids Control won this project with hundreds of former successful experiences. This USA customer is mainly target on soil remediation business, and their business covers the whole world. GN made soil remediation system will be used in Middle East area. Soil remediation is one of the businesses that GN Solids Control has been actively participated in. 

This Soil Remediation System includes:

1. Premixing Tank

GN Premixing Tank is mainly used to mixing the thick soil that pumped from the mud pit. Usually, GN Solids Control uses one vacuum pump to feed into the premixing tank from a mud pit less than 10m. Two agitators as well as the heating pipes are used in order to mix the slurry thoroughly

2. Shaker Treating Tank

One set of GN Hi-G force shaker is fixed on the top of the shaker tank. Dirty soil is pumped into the shaker feeding box by using a submersible pump. Heating pipes around the tank and hot spraying lines on the top of the shaker are used to keep the soil in relative good flow ability. 

3. Centrifuge Tank

One 18 inch size decanter centrifuge is used to further treat the liquid discharged from Hi-G force shaker

4. Chemicals Adding Unit

In order to have a better separating performance, GN chemicals adding unit is used to add different chemicals into to the premixing tank, shaker tank and decanter centrifuge tank. Powder and fluid can be added based on customer’s choice. 

All the above equipment are using non-explosion proof motors and control boxes, however, GN Solids Control also provides ATEX or IEC Ex standard equipment. 


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