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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


Recently GN Solids Control shipped decanter centrifuge to domestic company in China. Decanter centrifuge is the major equipment from GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers of equipment for solids control, separation and conveying. It is widely used in industry for separation of solids from liquid and plays an important role in GN customers’ production. This time GN Solids Control provides decanter centrifuge for dewatering operation. It is quite natural that soil is mixed with water to for

GN Separation and Conveying, a naturally developed brand of GN Solids Control, participated in IE exp in Shanghai, China from April 20 to 22, 2021. IE exp is the leading environmental show in Asia, it presents modern communication platform for business entrepreneurs to connect with each other to promote common initiative to protection environment for us and for the generation to come. GN Solids Control began its business in oil and gas drilling. After painstaking effort, the equipment manufactured by GN

GN Solids Control recently delivered a drilling cut treatment system to make drilling cut harmless to environment. As regulations on the disposal of drilling cut becomes more and more stringent, there is more and more demand for a system that make drilling cut harmless to environment. However there is no such system in the market. GN Solids Control assumed the responsibility to develop a system to achieve this purpose. After painstaking effort, GN Solids Control succeeded in the manufacturing of such s

GN Solids Control Shipped Decenter Centrifuge to Domestic Chemical Plant GN Solids Control recently shipped one set of decanter centrifuge to a customer, a chemical plant, in China. G Solids Control has long product line from two phase, three phase decanter centrifuges to shakers with different features. Also GN Solids Control has strong engineering capability to deliver system solutions in short time. Decanter centrifuge is a main equipment in these solutions. GN Solids Control has accumulated good ex

GN Solids Control recently shipped equipment for HDD client. They include shakers, processing tanks and hoppers. HDD operation needs mud recycling system to get rid of solids and keep the system fresh. GN Solids Control has been manufacturing solids control equipment for over 10 years and accumulated good experience in the manufacturing and application of such equipment. GN Solids Control also offers compact system for HDD drilling which usually requires compact but efficient shakers. In this equipment

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