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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying, recently shipped two sets of hydraulic decanter centrifuges for an international drilling company. GN Solids Control is the leading manufacturer of decanter centrifuges in China, it manufactures full series of decanter centrifuge from 9 inch to 30 inch. These decanter centrifuges are widely used in the world including highly risky areas such as oil and gas drilling which is often under high temper

A milestone for the application of oil sludge system, GN Solids Control recently finished the onsite commissioning of one such system in China. Oil sludge treatment system is developed by GN Solids Control in response to the ever-increasing demand to recover land from oil and gas contamination. In the past, petroleum operators used to spray crude oil into pit next to wellsite. By that time people did not have a good sense of environmental protection. In some of the major crude producing area, petroleum

GN Solids Control Shipped Drilling Mud Equipment to Engineering Company GN Solids Control recently shipped mud hopper and mud tanks to engineering company. As one of the major manufacturers of equipment for solids control in oil and gas drilling, GN Solid Control accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of solids control equipment for oil and gas industry. Mud hopper and tanks are simple, however to manufacture them with high quality is a real challenge. Like other things, to make one thing is

GN Solids Control recently shipped vertical cutting dryer and the associated decanter centrifuge to an international drilling company. This combination of equipment is to be used to recycle oil based drilling cut and recover expensive oil based mud to the drilling process. GN Solids Control accumulated great experience in the solids control technology for oil and gas drilling. It can manufacture high quality high performance mud systems. This project is another example of its capability in this field. F

GN Solids Control shipped a complete dewatering system to an international company. As one of the major manufacturers for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying, GN Solids Control also provide dewatering system for hydrovac evacuation slurry treatment. Such equipment protects environment by separating solids from slurry and provides clear water. Solids can be used to refill hydrovac openings and water can be use as usual, in addition to hydrovac evacuation. Dewatering system by GN Solids

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