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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


  GN Solids Control, as the pioneer in the development of new equipment and technologies, has been making different innovations to improve reliability, performance and quality of its products. For shale shaker, GN Solids Control has, as the very least, one of the best shale shaker to be used in oil and gas drilling. Shale shaker also has wide application in other separation operation such as reclamation of scrape metals. For instance, there is a company in Pennsylvania has shale shakers from GN Solids

  GN Solids Control recently shipped solids control equipment to customer in Africa. These equipment include: Two GNLW363D-FHD fully hydraulic drive centrifuges One GNSP-20B vacuum pumps One GNSP-40B vacuum pumps Fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuges have the follow advantages. Separation of water and solids happens at the same time This kind of decanter centrifuge removes both water and solids from slurry at the same time, it is a one-time process Low noise level compared to elec

GN Solids Control has been the main manufacturer in China for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying. Recently it shipped mud cleaner, GNZJ594F-3S16N to a customer in China. GN Solids Control began with the manufacturing of solids control equipment and shale shaker including mud cleaner has been its main accumulated good experience on the design, manufacturing and test including standardization in this aspect. GN shaker– mud cleaner has the following advantages. Cutting process (Lase

  GN Solids Control is well known for its high quality equipment and solutions, for instance, the dewatering solutions for hydrovac slurries. Hydrovac slurry dewatering is needed to protected environment. During the hydrovac evacuation process, high pressure water spray is used to open the ground. This is a new technology to open the ground to lay cables and utility pipes where there is existing cables and pipelines. Large amount of slurry will be generated from the high pressure water spray. The con

 GN Solids Control recently shipped shaker shakers and mud tanks to a driller in offshore drilling sector. As one of the major manufacturers for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying, GN Solids Control has accumulated rich experience on the design, manufacturing and fabrication of solids control equipment including but not limited to shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, pumps, screw conveyors and system solutions such as mud recycling systems, drilling waste management systems, thermal s

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