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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


November 2014, the Oil and Gas world witnessed the largest ADIPEC ever. With thousands of visitors, contractors, corporation delegates, exhibitors and sponsors for being part of this huge oil exhibition. GN as a solids control veteran participates in the wonderful oil show. GN also attends the last two years exhibition and conference.  During those dynamic days in the ADIPEC, GN equipment attracts thousand eyes and make visitors’ impressed. Many contractors and corporation delegates have the att

At GN Solids American, we provide a complete line of mud recycle system that improve rate of penetration and reduce wastage of drilling fluids through the effective removal of drilling cutting. GN mud recycle system (solids control system) includes four step purification equipments as shale shaker, 10” hydrocyclones desander, 4” hydrocyclones desilter and GN unique decanter centrifuge for circulation of drilling mud. This solids control system is furnished to assure the smooth performance of recovery

Whether you are looking for barite recovery, working for your “zero-discharge” closed-loop system and specialized for diamond & core drilling, GN field proven centrifuges are a perfect choice. GN centrifuges are applied all over the world. GN decanter centrifuge will be introduced below 1. Dewatering Centrifuge (1)GN GNLW553 model is widely applied for dewatering system to remove ultra-fine solids (2)Bowl diameter is 22 inch with the large capacity of 400 GPM which suit for processing big volum

GN manufactures a host of environmental-friendly drilling fluid recycling system including closed-loop solids control system, dewatering system and mud mixing system. GN mud system is applied for the oil & gas industry, trenchless drilling industry, HDD industry, geothermal industry, mining industry and water-well industry. Recently, we just complete a mud system for geothermal drilling Why we are seeking for Geothermal Drilling? Geothermal energy is a kind of untapped resources in our earth. It is

Mud Tank 4
GN liquid solids separation system is capable of removing the solids from slurry down to 5 microns. Throughput capacity is from 150 GPM to 3000GPM system. There is no batching involved, nor is any chemical requirement. Stage One-Slurry is passed through a linear motion shale shaker to remove large gravel, sand, solids, particle and foreign material. GN pre-tensioned shaker screen has the larger API number screen for separating big solids. Stage Two- Drilling fluids which has the above material removed,

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