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GN Solids America LLC

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Decanter centrifuge is an important solids control equipment used in oilfield drilling project. GN just built one unit Big bowl decanter centriuge for the cutomer from Canada. This big bowl decanter centrifuge is GN new designed model which has the long bowl body and larger diameter. GN Big Bowl Centrifuge Optimized Design  GN big bowl centrifuge has a bowl length of 71 inch that could make the slurry stay longer time in the bowl. With 22 inch bowl diameter, the solid particles in the bowl w

In GN product line, there is one type mud recycling system specially for pile drilling. It is called deep foundation slurry plant which is used to separate the drill cuttings out and make the drilling fluids reusable. GND series piling slurry plants are always structure compact and the few equipment involved. As the depth of the bore hole is not as deep as the oil well, the treating capacity of the slurry plant is not so large. Take the slurry plant we just sent to our client for an example.

GN Solids Control could supply mud tank system for onland and offshore drilling project. Currently, an order for a new mud tank system used in Singapore offshore drilling is now under fabricating. Structure and Layout of the Mud Ttank System It is GN's consistent design concept to make the complete mud tank system compact structure and reasonable layout to reduce the cost on building material and equipment involved. This system includes 2 units shale shaker and 1 mud cleaner that equiped with 3 pcs de

Last month, the commissioning for GN water based mud solids control & drilling waste management system in australia was finished successfully. By now, GN already delivered nearly 30 units complete drilling mud system to Australas widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD project and coalbed methane exploitation. Hydraulic Jack up Design Mud Tank The hydraulic jack up design system is very popular in Australia for transportation convenience. No need a crane on the drill site to lift the whole s

Besides supplying into the oilfield, GN also provide drilling mud solid control system to CBM project. Just shortly before, GN delivered 1 unit hydraulic jack up solids control system to Australia for CBM project. This design is widely acceptable in Australia. By now, GN has already sent more than 20 unit complete mud recycling system to Australia. Features on GN CBM Solids Control System Compact design with maximum volume capacity. Mud tank inner structure design excellent with full consideration o

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