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GN Solids America LLC

Tel:+1 (713) 377-2984

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


GN solids control have over 40 units decanter centrifuges for barite recovery and solids control in stock in our second new factory in Beijing. Not only for barite recovery and solids control for oil gas drilling rig, it can be also used for bentonite treatment, dredging slurry separation with dewatering unit, waste water treatment, TBM slurry separation with water recovery, drilling waste management system, solids removal unit for core drilling, liquid mud plant, etc applications.

We can ship the decanter centrifuge immediately after confirming the voltage, frequency, required bowl speed and differential speed. Especially the existing international oil market required the shortest delivery time to reduce the purchasing cost of the equipments, our delivery time is very competitive compared with other competitors.

We have 2 models of decanter centrifuges normally used for barite recovery and solids control, GNLW452 centrifuge with 18 inch bowl and GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuge with 14 inch bowl. GNLW452 centrifuge is the middle speed decanter centrifuge with 1800rpm and single main drive motor, the price is cheaper compared with GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge with high speed.

GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuge is the most popular models and we have big batch in stock both in China and in Houston. The bowl speed varies from 0 to 3200rpm typically, the max speed up to 3900 rpm. 

Except for these 2 models centrifuge, we also have GNLW453C-VFD and GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge, they could be applied for waste water treatment, dewatering unit and solids control, drilling waste management.

For different applications, decanter centrifuges could be installed on the mud tank or on the telescopic skid, the fluids discharge port will be connected with a clean drilling fluids storage tank outside, the discharged solids will be collected by cuttings collection container through solids discharge trough.


Pls contact GN solids sales for more info of our decanter centrifuge. 

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