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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


  Shale Shakers are widely used for solids control, they are equipment that allows drilling cuttings to be removed from drilling fluid and this entire process is done while circulating and drilling. In recent years NG technology has been improving, many different designs have come onto the market, and research on the best design is in constant progress as solids control is vital to keeping costs associated with drilling fluid low. The primary principle of these Shale Shakers is to shake or vibrate the

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment, we have designed lots of high-quality products, and the JBQ series Agitator is one of them. To keep both the mud uniform and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably. This agitator agitates the mud to make cuttings, silt, and sand pass the solids control system without being precipitated onto the tank bottom. Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, this product is featured

GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturers of solids control, separation, and conveying equipment, for customers in America. GN Solids utilize a custom-designed and constructed Screw Conveyor (Auger) as part of the drilling waste management system. The Auger is designed with 12 feet per section which makes it to be standard spare parts for exchange with each other. The screw material utilized by GN is an abrasive material that lasts longer than our competitors. The Screw Conveyor(Auger) is des

    Duplex stainless steel SS2304 and centrifugal casting are used to manufacture rotating bowls and shafts for the big and small end caps. Duplex stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This manufacturing process also avoids intergranular corrosion and incomplete release of stress. Screw blades are manufactured as a whole piece with CNC forming lathe, leading to the high accuracy of the blades and higher solids discharge efficiency GN can customize screw with cha

GN Solids Control manufactures the most important solid control equipment to remove coarse and fine solids, GN Shale Shaker and Mud Cleaners will be arriving at the GN Solids America warehouse in a couple of days. Drilling contractors can receive good quality products and fast delivery from foreign companies with different features and benefits. GN Solids America is the first US-based Chinese solids control company, this is a new opportunity for our partners in the US and LATAM.  GN Vibrating Screen and

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