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GN Solids America LLC

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 After 3 month of manufacturing effort, GN Solids Control shipped 5 packages of drilling waste management system to a major oil company in Nigeria. This is a big customer in the country which carries oil field development, its own drilling company and drilling fluid company. Since its corporation with GN Solids Control in 2012, this oil company buys from GN Solids Control equipment and solutions on the regular basis, which demonstrates admiring trust from this customer on the quality and performance of GN Solids Control equipment.

This time there packages include the following equipment.

  1. 5 sets of vertical cutting dryer, along with 5 sets of skids for the dryer. These dryers can meet the process capability requirement for 2000HP drilling rig for its needs for drilling waste treatment
  2. 10 sets of decanter centrifuges, among which 5 decanter centrifuges are used for the solids control of customer’s drilling fluid and another 5 sets are used for the drilling waste management systems. This customer is pretty familiar with the equipment from GN Solids Control and chose GNLW363D as the model of the decanter centrifuges. And this customer configured 5 of them constant speed and 5 of them driven by VFD
  3. Auxiliary equipment for drilling waste management, including 40 sets of screw conveyors and 15 sets of screw pumps. Some of the screw conveyors are used to transfer drilling cuts to vertical cutting dryer, other screw conveyors are used for the transfer of separated solids from decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings away from the relevant equipment. For the 15 screw pumps, 5 of them are used to flush vertical cutting dryers while the remaining 10 sets of screw conveyors are used to feed the 10 decanter centrifuges.

GN Solids Control has built up comprehensive experiences to make quality and high performance system for your need in oil and gas drilling.


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