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Last week, GN Solids Control finished the testing of 2 sets 30inch bowl centrifuges for one Australian customer. They will use these 2 centrifuges for mining slurry treating.
As for now, GN Solids Control is able to provide different bowl size decanter centrifuges that cover GN mini centrifuge or GN baby centrifuge 9 inch GNLW223, GN Start centrifuge 14inch GNLW363, GN cost-effective 18inch GNLW453 and GN big bowl 22inch GNLW553 as well as the GN largest bowl GNLW764. Different centrifuges can be used in different treating area as the flow is different. Now GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges are widely used in oil sludge solids control and waste management, mining slurry separation, industrial waste water treating, hydro vac dumps/ wastes treating and some other solids and liquid separation area.
GN Solids Control usually manufactures 350 sets to 500 sets decanter centrifuges every year, which are largely using in GN whole treating systems. GN Solids Control is actually good at providing whole treating solution that customized to meet varieties treating demands.
These 2 set 30inch bowl decanter centrifuges treating flow can reach to 528GPM when the mud with 20% solids content. The whole centrifuge rotating bowl is made by duplex stainless steel via centrifugal casting which actually using special manufacturing technology during the manufacturing process. The inside screw propeller is protected by Tungsten Carbide Tiles along with the conveyor edge which can be used for long time without weariness.
GN 30inch centrifuge is driven by two motors 215HP and 120HP. Gearbox torque reaches to 25,000 NM with the differential speed of 5~28 rpm. While the 30inch bowl centrifuge’s G force reaches to 3000G max. Solids separation point or cut point is 2 to 5 microns.
GN Chemical Dosing Units are also used to equip with GN decanter centrifuge in order to eliminate those finer solids. Feel free to check with our Houston office if you have any centrifuge needs.

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