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Decanter centrifuge is an important solids control equipment used in oilfield drilling project. GN just built one unit Big bowl decanter centriuge for the cutomer from Canada. This big bowl decanter centrifuge is GN new designed model which has the long bowl body and larger diameter.

GN Big Bowl Centrifuge Optimized Design 

GN big bowl centrifuge has a bowl length of 71 inch that could make the slurry stay longer time in the bowl. With 22 inch bowl diameter, the solid particles in the bowl will have a large G force which is helpful for solids settling on the inwall of the bowl. The upgraded material of stainless steel 2205 makes the bowl balance more better. Besides the upgrade on the material and bowl design. 

GN big bowl decanter centrifuge has below several features:

1. Main drive and back drive motor located at the same sides for making enough space for the operator.

2. The centrifuge bowl clamping and belt fasten device avoid the bowl shaking to damange during transportation. 

3. Air pressure support to make the open for the colection box lid much easier.

4. The centrifuge base seat has the forklift operation holes that the centrifuge would be convenient for forklift carrying.

The GN big bowl decanter centriuge sent to Canada is used for drilling mud solids control to separate the much fine solid. Always there will be a samll bowl centrifuge before the big bowl centrifuge to remove the large content solid, then the big bowl for further treatment to recover more drilling fluids.

GN solids control could provide decanter centrifuge for application in diamond drilling, oilfield drilling as well as the waste management.

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