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GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying, recently shipped dual motion shale shaker to offshore drilling company.

With  the development of drilling technology, the drilling operation becomes more and more demanding on the capability of shale shakers. The deeper the well is, the more complex the geological condition becomes.

Linear motion shale shaker has been used in the oil and gas industry for a long long time. However, linear shale shaker becomes not competent to the demand in the drilling operation of complex oil and gas wells.

In order to solve this challenge, GN Solids Control released dual motion shale shaker.

Like linear motion shale shaker, dual motion shale shaker is equipped with two electrical vibrators. It has special motor configuration so that elliptical movement can be realized, this configuration fits different solids control applications.

Advantages of dual motion shale shaker.

  1. It can easily switch between linear motion and elliptical motion to accommodate different requirement on drilling operations
  2. The shaker has in-line adjustment of shaker basket angle to fine tune the operation condition of shale shaker
  3. The shaker basket is heat treated as a whole piece to release tension inside the material to secure reliable and long time operation under high G force
  4. Flat shaker screens are secured into place with wedges for quick replacement of shaker screens and reliable locking of screens
  5. Famous brand vibrating motors are used to premium performance
  6. Wear feeding mechanism lowers the height of the shaker for low profile operation
  7. There are only a few consumables needed such as shaker screens, wedges, springs and sealing rubber. All other parts are long lasting

If you have any questions please contact GN Solids Control.



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