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GN Solids Control has provided 3 sets automatic tank cleaning systems to overseas customers: two sets for African market and one set for South American market. GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System can suck slurry from mud tank and provide clear water to flush tank bottom.
When connecting with a tank cleaning machine (flush nozzle), GN automatic tank cleaning system can provides clear water continuously. Here are the main components for GN automatic cleaning system:
1.Suction Vacuum Pump
A strainer is used in front of GN Suction Vacuum Pump. Strainer helps to block large particles before the vacuum pump suck the slurry and feed into GN inclined plate clarifier. Here the vacuum pump is an electrical driven pump which don’t need to use compressed air.
2.Chemical Dosing Tank
GN chemical dosing tank provide chemicals into inclined plate clarifier. A static mixer is used to mix chemicals thoroughly with mud before feed into GN IPC.
3.Inclined Clarifier
Inclined clarifier is one of the key treating equipment. Inside this machine, there are many thin plates help to increase the contact face with mud. Clear water overflows to the buffer tank, while dirty solids fall to the bottom of the tank where is fixed with a screw conveyor.
A membrane pump is used to suck the solids and transfer it a further treating equipment such as decanter centrifuge.
4.Buffer Tank
Clear water overflow to he buffer tank can be used to flush mud tanks. A liquid level sensor is fixed inside the buffer tank to control those 2 pumps work automatically.
5.High Pressure Discharge Pump
High pressure discharge pump can provide 8 bar pressure to 14 bar pressure if necessary.
GN made automatic tank cleaning system is a close-loop system. All the above mentioned treating equipment is on one single skid, which can be moved easily.

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