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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control recently shipped one dewatering system to customer in Australia. That system was commissioned quickly and put into operation.

Nowadays hydrovac evacuation technologies are widely used in the world as a nondestructive means to open the ground and have underground facilities exposed for service or the construction of new underground facilities. However the slurry generated from hydrovac operation can not be dumped freely because they contaminate environment and leave a lot of land useless to agriculture. There is the need for dewatering system.

GN Solids Control realized this market needs and released its dewatering system after a few years of research and development.

The system is composed of the following sub-systems.

1. Catch hopper
2. Coarse shaker
3. Shaker unit
4. Decanter centrifuge unit
5. Auxiliary system including automation and control

Catch hopper, as its name means, is to collect the slurry dumped from vacuum trucks and send the slurry to coarse shakers.

Coarse shaker is the workhorse in the field. Its task is to remove coarse particles so that only small particles are left over to the down stream sub-systems.

Shaker unit is composed shaker, desander and desilter. Their task is to remove particles from big size to small size, leaving only tiny particles to be handled by decanter centrifuges.

There is also auxiliary systems including automation and control system, chemical system which improve system operation efficiency, separate performance and system capability to remove tiny particles.

The brain of the system is the automation and control system. It performs many tasks which comes from the engineering team of GN Solids Control such as technique to maximize dumping and coarse shaker efficiency while keep the coarse shaker not flooded, optimization technique to keep the decanter centrifuges run with desired result, and many other techniques.

You can visit the website of GN Solids Control for more information.

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