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GN Solids Control just shipped another set solidification unit to a customer in Africa last week. As a solids control equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control is especially good at providing turnkey solutions for solids and liquid separation industries.
GN Solidification Unit is mainly used to solidify all the drilling cuttings before moving to different sites as the name tells. As we all know, all drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge contains too much water, in order to transfer these drill cuttings successfully, GN Solidification Unit is used to solidify these cuttings before moving.

gn solidification unit
GN Solidification Unit is able to treat 15 m3/h drilling cuttings. There are two storage boxes that can be used to stock cement and absorbents. Drilling cuttings is collected by a large catch box which is fixed with a bottom screw conveyor to transfer the drilling cuttings into high shear mixer. Cement and absorbents storage boxes will add certain amount separately by bottom screw conveyor as well.
All the drilling cuttings and cements as well as absorbents are mixing throughly by a 45 kw driven motor. It can treat 15 m3/h drill cuttings continuously.
In order to get a better mixing result, water and chemical liquid can be also added by 2 separate 1.5inch inlets. After treated by GN Solidification Unit, drill cuttings turn into solid phase with little liquid inside, which is safe to move by truck. GN Solids Control also provides cuttings box to transfer these drilling cuttings.
Until now, GN Solids Control has provided many sets solidification units to global customers. GN Solidification Units can help small drilling contractors to move drilling cuttings easily without invest large amount of money to buy capital equipment. Auxiliary equipment can be also provided such as supporting frame or skid for the solidification solidification unit

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