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GN Solids Control, a major manufacturer of equipment for solids control, separation and conveyance, recently released its dual mode shale shaker.

Compared to single mode (either linear or elliptical ), this new style of shale shaker is capable of providing linear or elliptical vibration mode for shale shakers.

Linear vibration mode is suitable to handle hard solids such as drilling cut. In this mode there are strong G force generated at short time interval which can effectively remove liquid on the surface of solids.

Elliptical vibration mode is more tuned to soft solids which is easy to break into smaller pieces and prone to clog shaker screens, such as the drilling of shallow section of a well.
It is technical challenge to manufacturer dual vibration mode. The release of this type of shale shaker reveals that GN Solids Control is turning out more and more high tech equipment which will further enhance its position in the manufacturing of solids control equipment.

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing high quality shale shakers, which is widely used in different industries, for more than 13 years.

GN Shale shaker carries the following features.

1. High quality. GN Solids Control uses the best material in the market and the most advanced technology. Its shaking basket is made of stainless steel, effectively preventing corrosion from drilling fluid. The whole shaker basket was treated using special technique to release tension inside the basket. Automatic cutting (plasma and laser) ensures the accuracy of material pieces and automatic welding provides outstanding welding quality

2. Shale shaker by GN Solids Control also has many other features such as shaker basket inclination adjustment, which makes basket angle adjustment an easy job

Shale shakers by GN Solids Control is already top-of-the-line shale shaker in the market and we are looking forward that GN can put into market more advanced high tech shale shakers.

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