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GN Solids Control Shipped Decenter Centrifuge to Domestic Chemical Plant

GN Solids Control recently shipped one set of decanter centrifuge to a customer, a chemical plant, in China.

G Solids Control has long product line from two phase, three phase decanter centrifuges to shakers with different features. Also GN Solids Control has strong engineering capability to deliver system solutions in short time. Decanter centrifuge is a main equipment in these solutions.

GN Solids Control has accumulated good experience and expertise in the manufacturing of decanter centrifuge. Many technical know-hows enable GN Solids Control to excel in market competition.

Below is a real story about decanter centrifuge.

A customer in North America purchased some decanter centrifuges from GN Solids Control. He did not order motors because he thought motors manufactured by Unite States would be better.

When these equipment arrived, he put on the motors with local labors.

However, strange things kept happening on these decanter centrifuges, their gear box kept failing. If new gearbox was installed, it would fail sooner or later. This caused big noise from customer side.

This really puzzled GN Engineering team because the gearbox used on GN decanter centrifuge has gone through extensive application, there is not a single failure of gearbox in field application, not mentioning continuous failures.

The engineering team of GN Solids Control performed extensive study. After eliminating many possibilities, they found that there must be something wrong on the precision during motor installation and wrong material was used in shaft coupling.

In order to verify this assumption, GN Solids Control established a team to work with this customer during gearbox installation to make sure that good precision was secured during this process. Also they replaced the material with genuine parts from GN Solids Control.

Test runs proved that the above measures were correct.

Then this team helped the customer to check the installation and coupling material of all other decanter centrifuges to confirm they were to the requirement of GN fabrication standard.

After all these were done, this issue never happens, this demonstrate the measures are appropriate and know-how is important.


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