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Recently GN Solids Control shipped decanter centrifuge to domestic company in China.

Decanter centrifuge is the major equipment from GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers of equipment for solids control, separation and conveying. It is widely used in industry for separation of solids from liquid and plays an important role in GN customers’ production.

This time GN Solids Control provides decanter centrifuge for dewatering operation.

It is quite natural that soil is mixed with water to form mud. As people begin to have stronger sense of environmental protection, more and more regulations are implemented to stop dumping mud freely. Mud must be processed to obtain fresh water and dry soil.

GN Solids Control picked up this trend and began designing and manufacturing of centrifuges customized for dewatering. This included design of rotating bowl and screw conveyor to optimize performance of decanter centrifuge for dryer solids and clearer water. In addition to mechanical design customization, GN Solids Control also customized control package so that special features of dewatering requirement can be addressed in the control package. For instance, flush is not important in oil and gas drilling as the drilling process is usually continuous, 24/7, for a few months once people begin drilling a well. This is, however, not acceptable at all in environmental protection operations as the mud can dry pretty quickly and induce serious damage to the decanter centrifuge in case it is not flushed thoroughly at the end of a shift.

With more and more improvement on the design of mechanical engineering and control technique, decanter centrifuge by GN Solids Control is getting more and more robust. One good example is that one GN decanter centrifuge runs back-to-back with decanter centrifuge by another vendor. GN decanter centrifuge demonstrated outstanding tolerance to increasing flowrate by still delivering clear water while the counterpart began to deliver dirty water.


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