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GN Solids Control Shipped Drilling Mud Equipment to Engineering Company

GN Solids Control recently shipped mud hopper and mud tanks to engineering company.

As one of the major manufacturers of equipment for solids control in oil and gas drilling, GN Solid Control accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of solids control equipment for oil and gas industry.

Mud hopper and tanks are simple, however to manufacture them with high quality is a real challenge. Like other things, to make one thing is often easy, but it is pretty difficult to make it perfect. GN Solids Control makes its equipment perfect.

Welding is a very old technology, it is an indispensable technique in manufacturing. The quality of the welding demonstrates the skills of the welders and how strong the company is.

GN Solid Control used to use in large scale manual welding. It has top welders in the industry. GN Solids Control also treated the welders well with good income.

GN Solids Control continued to improve the quality of its welding. One of the major initiative is the introduction of automatic welding machine.

Compared to manual welding, automatic welding machine possesses the following advantages:

  1. High quality. With modern transducer technology, automatic welding machine uses super high precision transducers, which can be as accurate as 0.001mm, to ensure the accuracy of welding head, with outstanding consistency. This is not achievable by human welders at all
  2. High repeatability. With the help of super accurate transducers, the head of welding machine can have super high repeatability, usually in the neighborhood of 0.005mm. For human being, the repeatability is usually around 0.5mm, which is already a very high standard for human being
  3. Automatic welding machine can work without fatigue, it can work 24X7. Human being has to rest, and can not compete with automatic welding machine

It can be foreseen that GN Solids Control will becoming more and more efficient in manufacturing.



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