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GN Solids Control recently shipped equipment for HDD client. They include shakers, processing tanks and hoppers.

HDD operation needs mud recycling system to get rid of solids and keep the system fresh.

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing solids control equipment for over 10 years and accumulated good experience in the manufacturing and application of such equipment. GN Solids Control also offers compact system for HDD drilling which usually requires compact but efficient shakers.

In this equipment package, there is a compact shaker system with pretty small footprint, however it includes everything necessary. Slurry from drilling system will first go to a shaker to remove big particles, separated water will go to the small tank to establish pressure for the centrifugal pump. The pump will feed slurry into such as two hydrocyclones to remove find particles, bottom spray of hydrocyclone will go through shaker for further processing while clean water from the top of cyclones will come back into drilling mud tank, either for the drilling operation, or to be further clarified by decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control can provide a complete system for mud recycling of HDD drilling including decanter centrifuge, which is important to remove fine particles as much as possible to keep the drilling process smooth. The decanter centrifuges from GN Solids Control features the following:

  1. Duplex stainless steel is used for the rotating bowl. This type of steel is almost twice as strong as stainless steel 316, in terms of mechanical resistance to wear, chemical resistance to corrosion. It is a perfect material for rotating bowl which handles large quantity of hard solids without compromising bowl integrity quickly
  2. Outstanding control capability which emphasizes on separation performance and also equipment safety. The control package will do many things automatically for instance automatic adjustment of tank liquid level to accmondate different dumping rate, automatic adjustment of driving power to decanter centrifuge to maintain good separation result, automatic adjustment of rotating and differential speed to take care of different solids quantity in the rotating bowl.

If you have any needs for solids control equipment for HDD or other evacuation operation, contact GN Solids Control, you will not be disappointed, on performance, and on capital investment.



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