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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control is becoming a more and more active supplier for equipment for solids control, separation and conveying equipment. Recently it shipped liquid-solid separation equipment to a dredging project in Canada.

Dredging project often requires slurry dewatering equipment to separate solids from slurry and recover valuable clean water. This is also true for this project in Canada.

GN Solids Control provided stepwise separation equipment.

Industrial vibrating screens take incoming dredging slurries and remove the bigger particles as per system design, which distribute separation load properly.

Desander and desilter will remove even more smaller particles from the slurry, making it contain less and less solids particles.

Finally huge-size decanter centrifuges are configured to remove fine particles from the slurry to get clear water.

This is a government project and the whole dewatering process is designed as per Canadian standard and process. The concept design and detailed engineering design were demanding, and all the requirements are particular and challenging. In addition to the tough engineering requirement, there is also short manufacturing window allowed.

GN Solids Control demonstrated outstanding adaptability to demanding requirement and challenging project window. It is a marvel to that GN Solids Control overcome all kinds of difficulties including short supply of material, price increase due to world economy, government constrains on production due to environment conditions, tough manufacturing technique, etc., and shipped out the equipment as per project schedule.

There are other challenging jobs ahead. Coordinating with civil engineering contractor, electrical contractor and mechanical contractor is a new field to GN Solids Control. There is also the field programming and communication setup & test of SCADA system, with all kinds of rules and regulations to follow up and comply with, including highly demanding and specific requirement of Canadian Electrical Code. However the engineering team of GN Solids Control is well prepared for them.


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