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GN Solids Control recently delivered a drilling cut treatment system to make drilling cut harmless to environment.

As regulations on the disposal of drilling cut becomes more and more stringent, there is more and more demand for a system that make drilling cut harmless to environment. However there is no such system in the market.

GN Solids Control assumed the responsibility to develop a system to achieve this purpose.

After painstaking effort, GN Solids Control succeeded in the manufacturing of such system and it quickly sold one such system to domestic customer in China.

After the successful commission of this system, GN Solids Control performed final acceptance test of this system and the result is outstanding. This customer is quite please with the performance of the system as it eliminates his headache to comply with government regulations and his company now possesses an important capability that no other people do.

This system is composed of the following subsystems.

  1. Pre-treatment

This includes a smasher and coarse. Its task is to smash the consolidate drilling cut and turn them into small particles to facilitate further cleaning

  1. High G shaker

This module includes a GN high-G shaker, GNZS594F, which performs initial separation of solids from liquid by utilizing the high separation capability of GN high -G shaker

  1. Slurry preparation and cleaning module

The function of this module is to prepare drilling cut from previous process and add hot water into the drilling cut to turn them into slurry. This is important process for the system to continue the treatment

  1. Solids-liquid separation module

This includes a decanter centrifuge to perform separation of solids from liquid

  1. Secondary cleaning module

This process includes mixing the solids again with chemical solutions for further processing

  1. Secondary solids-liquid separation module

This process makes further separation of solids from liquid

  1. Solvent recovery module

Valuable solvents is recovery in this process

If you need further information about this system please contact GN Solids Control.



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