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Recently GN Solids Control shipped a tricanter for the cleaning of tanks containing oil sludge in Africa.

Oil sludge is the major contaminant in the drilling operation and oil & gas field development, and it is the important aspect of environment protection in oil and gas production. It is absolutely not desirable to discharge such kind of sludge into the environment or else it will create serious environment issues. This on one side pollutes environment, it also a waste of valuable nature material.

The principle of tricanter is similar to that of decanter centrifuge, except that it treats 3 phase (2 liquid phase and one solid phase). Typical application is the separation of oil, water and solids.

The features of the tricanter by GN Solids Control are as follows:

  1. Rotating bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205. Coming in slurry is separate into two liquid phase and one solids phase in this bowl. The screw conveyor carries special design to expedite the entry of slurry into rotating bowl and reduce the interference to separated solids. Special alloy inserts protect rotating bowl and screw conveyor and they are replaceable
  2. For screw conveyor, material of duplex stainless steel is optional. The jet force of slurry inside the rotating assembly can create serious wear on the surface of screw conveyor. GN Solids Control uses special technique to put replaceable special alloy block on the surface of screw conveyor which greatly increases the service life of screw conveyor
  3. Bearings are famous international brand such as NSK or SKF
  4. GN Solids Control also provides fully automatic control system to operate the system with controls for feed pump reserved for customer to hook up their feed pump easily with customization available.

Field application showed that this system works well.

If you need more information about this application or system setup (because one would need peripheral equipment to make the separation happen), please contact GN Solids Control.


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