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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control manufacture Sludge vacuum pump for different applications in the industry, and accomplish all the international standard, GN Solids control has the capability to customize the unit as customer request. The Sludge vacuum pump is a type of high load and strong suction capacity vacuum transferring pump, it is also called solids transferring pump or cuttings transfer pump.  For this project, the client wants to transfer wastewater from the cleaning tank application, This application is very popular in Latin America and the result is very satisfactory for our customers. The unique structure design enables it to work in very tough circumstances with less maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for transferring sludge with a high solid content of up to 80% and high specific gravity material. The vacuum pump has below featured: a high-efficiency Venturi device that can produce a vacuum of up to 10 meters of water column for material suction under high airflow circumstances. It is designed with a compact structure, with almost no wearing parts, for high-density material transferring like cuttings and oily sludge, etc.


Models: GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B 

 and GNS-40B



1、100% aerodynamic;

  1. No power requirements, safe operation in hazardous areas, safe explosion-proof;
  2. There are no rotating parts inside the cavity;
  3. Vacuum can be maintained
  4. Can produce 25” HG vacuum of mercury (up to 10m water column vacuum);
  5. Single person operation;

7, easy to move;

  1. Suction material, almost no wear parts.
  2. This equipment is a pressure equipment, and each user may need to apply for approval according to the situation in each country before it can be used.


Conveying material category:

  1. Drill cuttings from waste mud and vibrating screen, close to dry materials
  2. Mud, tail slurry and oily sludge
  3. Mud pit cleaning
  4. Recycling of hazardous waste

5, sludge, bottom of the tank

  1. Bilge cleaning of transport ships
  2. Material handling of bulk tanks and silos
  3. Sand, fine sand, and fracturing sand
  4. Diatomite
  5. Animal droppings
  6. Furnace Ashes, flour
  7. Almost known materials

Application areas:

The sludge / solid vacuum pump's unique structural design enables it to operate in the most difficult environments and the maintenance rate is low. It can convey more than 80% of solid phase materials and high specific gravity materials at high speed. Widely used in mining, chemical, construction, offshore drilling platforms

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