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GN Solids America LLC

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Workover Rig Mud Recycling System to Indonesia Pertamina

The shale shaker was delivered to Indonesia for Pertamina's project on workover rig mud recycling. The mud system itself is structure simple and compact. Worth to mention is that Pertamina was already a user of GN solids control equipment. Pertamina always give their project to various contractors for drilling, oilfield service and waste management.By now, we have already got nearly 20 orders from different Indonesia customers for similar design mud system which is used in Pertamina project.

Shale shaker and other Solids Control Equipment Application in Indonesia

In indonesia, the application for shale shaker mainly in three divisions. Oilfield drilling solids control system uses the shale shaker as the prime separation equipment to remove the large size cuttings. That is one application. When the discharged slurry out of the primary shaker, it will be delivered to a Super Hi-G dryer shaker for further waste cuttings management treatment to recover more fluids. The third one is in CBM drilling project.As a relative new resource in Indonesia, more and more oilfiled drilling company getting into this field. Many experienced engineer with high technics from Australia and American already come in Indonesia to work on the CBM exploitation.

New Design Shale Shaker Stock in Houston Warehouse

Call 713-878-0880 for more information on the electric deck angle adjustment shale shaker, or you may come to our arehouse for a look. The model we have is GNZS594E-HB with capacity 600GPM, 4 panels screen deck which could fix Mongoose creen on it. Motors and control panels explosion proof acceptable in USA industry. Great promotion, first come first served.

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