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GN Solids Control recently provided a set of solid control equipment, including shale shaker GNZS594, desander GNZS752J-2S, desilter GNZS752J-12, and agitator, to a client in Indonesia. These equipment are essential for the client's drilling rig operations, as they are used to process drilling mud, separating the solid phase from the mud, maintaining mud performance, protecting the drilling rig, and improving drilling efficiency.

The shale shaker GNZS594 is the first stage of the solids control equipment, which uses vibrating screens to remove large solids from the drilling mud. It is important in preventing the wear and tear of the drilling rig equipment caused by large solid particles.

The desander GNZS752J-2S is the second stage of the solids control system, which uses hydrocyclones to remove sand and silt-sized particles from the drilling mud. This process ensures that the drilling mud is clean and free from abrasive particles, which can cause damage to the drilling equipment.

The desilter GNZS752J-12 is the third stage of the solids control system, which uses hydrocyclones to remove fine solids from the drilling mud. It further enhances the cleanliness of the drilling mud, preventing blockages in the drilling equipment and improving overall drilling efficiency.

Finally, the agitator is used to mix the drilling mud and prevent the solids from settling, ensuring that the drilling mud maintains its proper viscosity and performance.

GN Solids Control has been in the business of manufacturing solid control equipment for over 15 years. Our equipment is known for its stability and reliability, and we have provided equipment for thousands of oil drilling projects worldwide.

We are confident that the solid control equipment provided to our client in Indonesia will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their drilling operations, and we look forward to continuing to support their future projects.

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