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GN Solid Control has provided thousands of shale shakers to global customers. Last month, GN Solids Control finished 2 sets tandem shakers and shipped to Middle East. GN Solids shakers are widely used in customers’ drilling rig sites to help removal large solids.
With the fast development of GN Solids, it’s more and more common to see GN shakers working successfully. Shakers are the first treating phase separating equipment in the solids control systems, usually shakers are used to eliminate solids larger than 100 microns from drilling mud. Tandem shakers are working like twins, they are connected by a pipe feeder or box feeder. Drilling mud is divided by the box feeder or pipe feeder before feeding into GN tandem shakers. A common supporting skid is used to fix both shakers. Skid can be also used to lift 2 shakers when move among different sites.
GN Solids Shakers are also optional to be certified by DNV lifting when use for offshore drilling. GN shakers are using world famous brand vibrators such as USA Martin or Italy OLI. Many shakers are stocking in GN Houston warehouse for fast delivery. Screens can be mounted fast by using GN special designed wedges. All GN made shakers are linear motion. In order to resist the large G force, GN shale shaker is analyzed by top research labs in China.
GN Solids Control keeps upgrading shakers by using the most advance technologies. Last year, GN Solids Control also added ViST unit (a vacuum screen technology). GN ViST can help Shakers to recover more fluids and get much drier solids. One set GN ViST unit is able to connect with 1 to 3 sets shale shakers by using different catch pan which can be fixed under GN shaker’s last panel or at the solids discharge port.
GN Tandem Shakers have different models when use different shakers, such as GN 4 panels shakers GNZS594 and GN 3panels shaker GNZS703.

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