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GN Solids Control recently shipped cutting dryer for oil-based mud, and two decanter centrifuges, one for the solids control of the drilling process, and one for the treatment of drilling mud from cutting dryer.

In oil and gas drilling, oil-based mud is the type of drilling fluid mostly used. Such drilling fluid is very expensive due the type and volume of additives in the drilling fluid.

During the drilling process, quite a bit of drilling fluid sticks onto the surface of drilling cut, and is thrown away with the drilling cut, this leads to a big financial loss. A good way is to recover as much drilling fluid as possible is to make residual drilling fluid on drilling cut to minimum. Cutting dryer is made for this purpose.

With cutting dryer, drilling cut comes into it and rotates with dryer basket. Under high centrifugal force, the drilling fluid on the surface of drilling cuts will “fly” away from the surface of drilling cuts. The dryer basket has small holes on its wall to allow drilling fluid to pass through, leaving drilling cut on the inside of dryer basket.

The economic outcome of cutting dryer is obvious. It is estimated that about USD 3,000 can be saved by recovering drilling fluid. In another word, about USD 10K can be saved with cutting dryer, or the investment on cutting dryer can be recovered completely within a few months.

However the drilling fluid recovered contains small solids particles in the drilling fluid and these solids particles need to be removed from the recovered drilling fluid. This is done by decanter centrifuge which have higher centrifugal force to remove small particles. That is why cutting dryer is usually used in conjunction with decanter centrifuges.

If you need to know more about this technology, please visit the website of GN Solids Control.

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