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GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers for equipment of solids control, separation and conveying, recently shipped two sets of hydraulic decanter centrifuges for an international drilling company.

GN Solids Control is the leading manufacturer of decanter centrifuges in China, it manufactures full series of decanter centrifuge from 9 inch to 30 inch. These decanter centrifuges are widely used in the world including highly risky areas such as oil and gas drilling which is often under high temperature.

In order to better serve its customers, GN Solids Control developed hydraulic decanter centrifuges. These decanter centrifuges can operate under high temperature with heavy bowl load but still maintain highly adjustable bowl rotation speed and screw differential speed, along with outstanding reliability.

GN Solids Control works with Viscotherm and ROTODIFF®, a company in Switzerland which is pretty advanced in hydraulic power equipment, to secure high performance and high reliability for the decanter centrifuges. Viscotherm and ROTODIFF® provides all the major hydraulic power elements while GN Solids Control provides high quality and high-performance decanter centrifuge tuned for hydraulic driven decanter centrifuges. Field applications showed that they can withstand the tough operating conditions with consistent, dependable performance.

GN Solids Control has been developing decanter centrifuges for many years with rich accumulation in the design and manufacturing of decanter centrifuges. It has top decanter centrifuge scientist and a well-established engineering team for decanter centrifuge. With the research and development work of this capable team, GN Solids Control has released decanter centrifuges for many applications including wastewater, hydraulic slurries, dredges, agriculture products, food industries, etc. Because GN Solids Control has tailored decanter centrifuges to account for the different features of various applications, the result is always satisfactory.

If you have any need for decanter centrifuge, please contact GN Solids Control.


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