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Recently GN Solids Control shipped vacuum pumps and decanter centrifuge to a client in Asia.

The cleaning of waste bit has always been a challenge to many people. First it is difficult to take the waste out from the pit, then it is difficult to separate solids in the waste from its liquid base. GN Solids Control overcome this challenge.

First, the vacuum pump by GN Solids Control can suck up liquid, solid, or sludge. In this pit, the waste is in sludge state.

Then the vacuum pump by GN Solids Control can transfer sludge to a location certain distance away. For the vacuum pump in this project, GNSP-40B, it can transfer sludge to a maximum distance of 1000 meters with the help of high pressure compressed air.

This customer prepared his own mixing tank, where the sludge from the waste pit will be mixed with water, with solids concentration of about 20% or less, so that the sludge can be diluted and be transferred to decanter centrifuge.

At the decanter centrifuge, the slurry is separated into solids and water, a perfect separation cycle is finished.

The decanter centrifuge manufactured by GN Solids Control has the following features.

  1. Both its rotating bowl and screw conveyor are made of 2205 stainless steel
  2. The rotating assembly has gone through 3 stage dynamic balance, low speed, middle speed and high speed, this ensure that the rotating assembly is balanced for the entire speed range
  3. Both the rotating bowl and screw conveyors are equipped with tungsten carbide inserts, which effectively protect the integrity of the two major components of the decanter centrifuge, and changing the inserts is only a very small amount of money
  4. Automation technology is used to control the decanter centrifuge to make it work under optimized condition

For more information about this project, the associated product and other products by GN Solids Control, please visit our website www.gnsolidscontrol.com.



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