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GN Solids America LLC

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Screw Conveyor/Auger

Screw conveyor/Auger is type equipment widely used on oil field and waste management yard as a transferring device
  • Description

    Screw conveyor/Auger is type equipment widely used on oil field and waste management yard as a transferring device. According to the specific jobsite condition, several units screw conveyor could be located head to the end and transfer the waste cuttings through the conveyor groove to the drying equipment like vertical cutting dryer. By designing with a wider hopper opening, the screw conveyor could collect the waste cuttings fed by an excavator.


    GN Screw Conveyor Features & Benefits 

    1. GN’s screw conveyor is designed as 12 feet per section, order acceptable is 12 ft, 24ft, 36 ft and 48 ft.
    2. The screw propeller could be 12 in, 14 in and 16 in.
    3. The screw material utilized by GN is material of wear-resisting 16Mn which ensures longer lifetime.
    4. The Screw Conveyor (Auger) is designed to offer an efficient, low cost, cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling installations.
    5. The screw conveyor are manufactured to the highest safety standards and are fitted with protective grating or cover to prevent foreign bodies entering the conveyor system, also protect the operators.

    Besides the Screw Conveyor, GN Solids Control could also provide the hose type cuttings pump which is for more liquid content cuttings and this kind of pump could be located more convenient as it is connected by soft hose.

    Screw Conveyor Parameter

    Model Screw Diameter
    Screw Length
    Motor Power
    Screw Speed
    GNSC10B-24 10/250 24/7.3 15 4(5.4HP) 50-70
    GNSC10B-36 10/250 36/11 15 5.5(7.5HP)
    GNSC10B-48 10/250 48/14.6 15 7.5(10HP)
    GNSC12B-24 12/315 24/7.3 20 5.5(7.5HP) 50-70
    GNSC12B-36 12/315 36/11 20 7.5(10HP)
    GNSC12B-48 12/315 48/14.6 20 11(15HP)
    GNSC14B-24 14/350 24/7.3 30 7.5(10HP) 50-70
    GNSC14B-36 14/350 36/11 30 11(15HP)
    GNSC14B-48 14/350 48/14.6 30 15(20HP)
    GNSC16B-24 16/400 24/7.3 45 11(15HP) 50-70
    GNSC16B-36 16/400 36/11 45 15(20HP)
    GNSC16B-48 16/400 48/14.6 45 18.5(25HP)
    GNSC18B-24 18/450 24/7.3 55 15(20HP) 50-70
    GNSC18B-36 18/450 36/11 55 18.5(25HP)
    GNSC18B-48 18/450 48/14.6 55 22 (30HP)
    Remarks:According to clients requirement, GN Provide customized equipment.
    The above specification and parameters for reference only.
    Note: Electrica specs for 380V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz or Customized
               Screw material wear-resisting 16Mn
               Each section standard length and interchangable

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