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GN Solids America LLC

Tel:+1 (713) 320-3868

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


GN Desilter Discription

Desilter is the third stage solids control and fourth stage drilling mud cleaning equipment in the drilling fluids recycling system. GN Desilter commonly adapts 4” cyclone which could separate the solid phase particles with size of 15-25 microns. GN Desilter is designed 2 options of with and without underflow screen for customers’ requirement. 

The desilter with underflow shaker is also called Mini cleaner which is applicable for both weighted and unweighted drilling mud, while traditional desander no underflow vibrating screen only for unweighted drilling fluids. And comparing with large size desander and desilter assembly, the Mini Desander is cost-effective. For compact mud system used in HDD, CBM, water well drilling and Mining project, Mini desilter cleaner is an Ideal choice. 

Desilter Options for different Application

Desilter Types Desilter Discription

America Desilter

Type: Desilter without downstream drying shale shaker
Model: GNWSE-12N / GNWSE-16N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud.
Features: Small footprint, economic choice, no consumable screens.
Result: Wet cuttings, not recommended for Weighted mud and drying solids.

752 Desilter

Type: Desilter with GNZS752 Series Mini Shale Shaker Screen Area:1.35㎡
Model: GNZJ752E-8N / GNZJ752E-12N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling small drilling rig , CBM drilling, HDD, Water Well drilling.
Features: Small footprint, economic choice, acceptable drying solids.

703 Desilter

Type: Desilter with GNZS703 Series 3 Panel Shale Shaker Screen Area:2.6㎡
Model:GNZJ703E-D8N/ GNZJ703E-D12N/ GNZJ703E-16N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling big drilling rig , large HDD rig, Tunneling Boring Machine etc.
Features: Big capacity,, drying solids.



GN Desilter Technical Parameter:

Including 7 Models:  GNZJ752E-8N, GNZJ752E-12N, GNZJ703E-D8N, GNZJ703E-D12N, GNZJ703E-16N, GNWSE-12N, GNWSE-16N.

desilter america

 GN Desilter Features:

  •    Desilter Options with shaker and without shaker for flexible applicaiton.
  •    Desilter cones with PU material with better Abrasion resistance   
  •   No under shaker design structure compact and assembly flexible
  •   Mini desilter cleaner with shaker for both weighted / unweighted mud in various drilling 

Mud Desilter for Drilling Mud Separation System:

Desilter is placed after desander but before Decanter Centrifuge. Desilter is also one type equipment to remove the solid particle in drilling through centrifugal force. Desander could remove the much fine solids than desander. During HDD and CBM mud system, the drilling mud after treated by desilter is clean enough for reuse. While in oil & gas drilling, there the mud still needs to be treated by a Decanter Centrifuge.

GN Solids America, your reliable supplier for drilling mud Desilter. 

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