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GNZYQ Mud Gas Separator Features and Benefits

  • Baffle plates within vessel creates Maximum removal of free gas
  • Skid-mounted design enables easy transportation, rig-up and rig-down
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API & ISO standards.

Mud gas separator is also known as Poor boy degasser, Liquid-gas separators, Gas Buster in world market. Mud gas Separators seats beside mud solids control system and is used only when the drilling formation exists toxic and hazardous gases. Though not often used, mud gas separator is extremely reliable and vital safety equipment for nowadays drilling operations. It is used to separate and safely vent large pockets of free gas that may include toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, etc. from the drilling fluids processing system.


GN Solids America Mud Gas Separator Parameters

Including following models:GNZYQ1000A



Mud Gas Separator for Drilling Mud Solids Control

GNZYQ Mud Gas Separator (Poor Boy Degasser) is engineered specifically for onshore drilling operations. The working principle of the poor boy degasser is simple. The drilling mud with gas mixture in the bore hole is transferred by mud return lines to the inlet of the mud gas separator, allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles which separates gas from drilling mud. The free gas flows into the flare line to be burned and the mud discharges to the shale shaker and to the mud tank. GNZYQ series Mud gas Separator combined with the Electric Ignition Device can be used to ensure the security of drilling process. It is divided into the normal pressure Mud gas separator and pressure auto-control Mud gas separator according to the pressure.


GN Flare Igniter for Mud Gas Separator:

  • Main electric parts from Siemens or Schneider
  • Power directly from the Industry normal power
  • Remote control and PLC optional available

Flare Ignition Device is a kind of equipment designed and used to burn out the dangerous gas or tail gas from drilling mud gas separator or collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from refinery. Being a kind of security and environmental protection equipment, the flare ignition device can be used to have the harmful gas ignited and burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered. The flare ignition device, apart from being used in the refinery and gas distribution station, normaly matched with Mud Gas Separator extensively used in petroleum drilling engineering.


GN Flare Ignitor Parameter

Including following medels: GNYD200A, GNYD200A-T

Flare Ignition Device for mud gas separator

Flare ignition device in the drilling fluids processing system always be used like a fire extinguisher that is not used very often, but is really necessary equipment. In the drilling mud recycling system, flare ignition device is always matched with mud gas separator to prevent the blowout while drilling. In case there is gas blowout, the drilling mud would be guide to mud gas separator through chock manifold to remove the invade gas. Then the gas would be guide to flare igniter device that located usually 50-100m far from the drilling mud solids control system to burn out.

GN Solids America, your reliable supplier for Drilling Mud Gas Separator.

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